Evisu AW/16 Has Arrived!


Written by Esme Rees
17 Thursday 17th November 2016

The noughties wasn't really the most stylish decade, full of trends that we'd like to bury deep and never have to explain again. However, amidst all of the combat trousers and trucker hats, some brands emerged that still hold their place in our heart. Namely, Japanese denim brand EVISU.

Founded in 1991, EVISU started producing very limited runs of their bespoke denim jeans. Each handprinted with their now famous seagull logo. The brand reached popularity in the UK in the early 2000s and over a decade later, we're seeing their popularity rise again.

EVISU have worked doggedly over the past year or so to deliver us an AW16 collection that will place EVISU firmly back into our day-to-day. Subverting tradition and reinventing the familiar, the brand’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection presents 'three distinct ranges for men and women that exude bold expressions of confidence, playfulness, and personality channelled through fashion-forward, Japanese-inspired style'.

Each of the lines; Evergreen, Playful and EVISUKURO, feature deconstructed denim and layered materials, bold colours, distressed jeans and arresting graphics, plus hidden surprises unique to each title.

The collections take inspiration from traditional Japanese art, culture and movements.

Evergreen presents “Japanese Neo Craft”, where unique fabric treatments and prints reference boro, Japan’s historic patchwork style usually composed of mended and patched scraps of cloth.

Playful's graphics include banknotes, train tickets, beer cans, and gum wrappers splashed across tees, sweatshirts, and the back of trousers and jeans.

EVISUKURO is inspired by the bosozoku culture, a youth motorcycle subculture in Japan where young people engage in high-speed driving to express their rebellion and dissatisfaction with society. The bosozoku youth are often characterized by their unique clothing, customized bikes, and tattoos.

Head over here to check out more of what the brand has to offer.

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