Fake Celebrity Tweeters


Written by Jack Sharp
30 Monday 30th January 2012

Celebrities, the tabloid press and irate Tweeters all came out to hurl abuse at the Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah!) singer, all presuming that this random Twitter account, rather convincingly called @OfficialGlitter, was indeed Glitter’s personal account.

“I’M GONNA STAPLE UR ASS 2 UR FACE GLITTER!!!!!!” said one upset Tweeter, largely summing up the overall reaction to Glitter’s career re-launch. But alas, this was all in vain. The account didn’t belong to the real Gary Glitter, but was set up instead by a bored blogger, supposedly as a “social experiment”.

The social experiment appeared to have achieved very little, however, apart from perhaps highlighting how utterly detested Gary Glitter is. Although, @OfficialGlitter did show that Glitter still has a few dedicated fans: confused hipsters, who openly express their ironic admiration for the convicted paedophile by using the word “legend!”

@OfficialGlitter isn’t the first fake celebrity account. There are approximately 3,459 middle-aged men on Twitter currently impersonating teen sensation Justin Bieber, with more and more impostors springing up each day. Here are just some of the most notable or amusing examples of fake celebrity Tweeters.


Wendi Deng Murdoch

In early January, like a grotesque glam rocker turned paedophile, who’s desperately trying to appear likable to the general public, Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter. His motivations for joining the social revolution were, I imagine, to finally lay to rest any misconceptions about himself and News International, who had very recently been shamed for hacking the phone of Milly Dowler, amongst many others.

Perhaps he wanted to show us regular people that he was indeed a real person and not some sort of evil Skeletor-type figure, who, despite the visible signs of decomposition, manages to remain somewhat animated.

After reading some of Mr. Murdoch’s Tweets, you’d certainly be forgiven for believing that a prankster had set up his account, but incredibly, it’s genuine. It was an account set up under his wife’s name (@wendi_deng) that was discovered to be phony.

Although News International had told a BBC journalist that the account was genuine, the person responsible for the fake account eventually came clean, tweeting: "Hello Twitter. As News International has finally come to their senses, it's time to confirm that yes, this is a fake account. I'm not Wendi."

Now if only Rupert would follow suit and pretend that all of his tweets have been tweeted by a libellous scoundrel.


Kanye West

It must be hard for Kayne, what with him being a motherfucking lyrical wordsmith genius. Everyday he must have people coming up to him. “Thank you, Mr. West,” they probably say. “You’re the reason that I continue to live. Your genius shines too bright for this world, Mr. West.”

Amongst the admirers, the Kanye lovers and the Kanye worshippers, there are some who literally want to be him, the man, the genius. So much so that they take to Twitter and pretend that they are him. But Kanye, being the uncompromising artist that he is, doesn’t take too kindly to impostors.

"DON'T HAVE A F****** TWITTER,” he wrote, in a particularly genius blog, perfectly illustrating his divine genius through mighty, powerful capital letters. “WHY WOULD I USE TWITTER??? I ONLY BLOG 5 PERCENT OF WHAT I'M UP TO IN THE FIRST PLACE."

Finally, Kanye demanded that all impersonators close their fake accounts. "MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!" he wrote.

That was several years ago. Today, Kanye is a fully-fledged tweeter with over six million followers. But unfortunately, for him, the impostors are very much still around. @KanyeWestTheRea is a recent popular tweeter. He also masquerades as Chris Rea, and tweets such gems as: "Damn..needa come up with some new shit..blow the music industry off their feet. know what i mean?"

Obviously, whoever's in charge of the account isn't aware of Kanye's love of caps lock.


The Queen

Michael Gove was right. What the Queen really needs is a yacht. Perhaps she already has one, I don’t know. In fact, come to think of it, I think she owns a lot of ships. HMS Ocean, I think is one of hers. RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 is, again, probably hers…

You know, I’m actually quite astounded by Michael Gove’s outstanding generosity towards the Queen, considering she doesn’t appear very fond of him. Back in November her majesty tweeted: “So Michael Gove has written a foreword to the Bible. Ironic. As Defender of the Faith, one can assure you that God cannot stand Mr Gove.”

I assume, as I blindly did with Gary Glitter, that that quote was tweeted by her. I could be wrong, of course. Although, it would be a shame to discover that the Queen isn’t really considering making it illegal to be Richard Madeley before 10am.


Dimitar Berbatov

"Gentleman first, footballer second", reads Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov’s Twitter description, which, according to the account owners, is believed to be genuine by roughly 50% of their followers. This, in spite of recent tweets including: “Mike phelan has turned up pissed in drag. I'm shutting this down,” and, “Absolutely exhausted. Spent the whole week programming Clair De Lune as a ringtone on my 6210.”

For a football player, of course, those Tweets aren’t totally unbelievable. Wayne Rooney’s official account regularly tweets admissions that make him seem less self-aware than Alan Partridge, especially when he’s rhapsodising over his favourite musical acts. Singer James Morrison, he thinks, is a modern day Rod Stewart— namely a rock God!

The makers of Berbatov's account have described the footballer as something of an enigma, and dedicate their tweets to satirising his sophisticated, somewhat extravagant public persona. Unfortunately, the real Berbatov is yet to join the Twitter revolution, so it’s a little difficult to tell if the account is at all accurate. We can only live in hope that he really is hiring Hans Zimmer to compose the score for his upcoming football skills DVD.

Thanks to Hatti Whitman for alterting me to the Berbatov one. Any suggestions for interesting or funny Twitter fake celebriy Twitter accounts? Let us know in the comment section.

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