Family Guy Must Die


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Channel 5, NBC, BBC, Fox TV
14 Monday 14th November 2011

It seems that in television some shows are like cockroaches. Or rats. Or the immortal jellyfish that blew our minds a few months ago. As well as being largely unfunny and sometimes repulsive, these series just won't die. Whenever another season of one of these die hard shows gets commissioned, we let off the same collective groan of misery that usually accompanies the announcement of another Fast & Furious film.

So for that reason we couldn't help but find it immensely hilarious when Seth MacFarlane, the man behind American Dad & The Cleveland Show admitted that he himself wishes Family Guy would just stop. We're with you on that one, McFarlane. We are with you on that.

Family Guy, as interpreted by South Park. They got roasted hard in a season 10 episode

Family Guy has peaked. Once upon a time it might've been funny but the fact is the storylines just don't cut it anymore. From its conception, the show's always relied on random and largely disconnected humour as its main peg. Yes there may be a family at the heart of it, replete with a crazy-stupid son and a baby boy with his standard villainous 'British' accent, but for the last two seasons or so it's seemed the writers are running out of places to go. And when South Park is mocking the format of your show just a few seasons in, you know its shelf life is gonna feel diminished.

ABC taking over where NCB left off with Scrubs. Who are half these people?

Next up, we have that TV monster that somehow staggered its way through a ninth season for reasons no-one really understands: Scrubs. This is a hard paragraph to write, as someone who used to have a lot of love for this show, but the truth of the matter is they never should have continued without Zach Braff guaranteed to appear in all the episodes, as JD. Simple as. Narration coming from some squeaky-voiced and largely unentertaining intern (played by Kerry Bishé) could never quite compare to Dr John Dorian's inner monologues and silly daydreams. How this concept made it off the cutting room floor still stuns most fans of Scrubs circa 2002.

Alex Rose
Speed-eating chocolate balls: the height of entertainment on Channel 5's Big Brother

On this side of the pond, we all know in our hearts that Big Brother did not deserve this most recent run. Months ago, when word went round the Don't Panic office that Channel 5 had bought the show from Channel 4, I felt nauseous at my desk and considered asking for the rest of the day off to recuperate. Alas, the rumours were true and one of the most played-out formats in reality TV plagued our screens for another summer. What's perhaps more shocking is that millions of people still tuned in. Broken Britain indeed.

My Family, before it all went totally tits-up

An honourable mention goes out to My Family too. I mean, once the kids are all grown up, what is there left to explore? Seriously? This show is apparently one of only twelve in UK broadcasting sitcom history to broadcast over 100 episodes. We just wish they'd called it quits at some point in 2005 before that Kris guy became the face of BT internet, really.

Which shows do you wish hadn't gone as far as they did?

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