George Ferguson Caught Speeding


Written by George Smith
18 Wednesday 18th February 2015

In an ironic twist of fate, Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson has been caught speeding on the A4 Portway Road where a Mobile Camera caught him doing 35mph in a 30mph zone. Whilst the 67 year old has hardly committed the crime of the century, Sebastian Vettel he is not, you can’t help but feel slightly smug as the news comes in light of his recent council initiative to implement a city wide roll out of new 20mph limits on some roads to “make streets safer”. 

The independent Mayor has been pivotal in Bristol’s ‘Green Capital’ image, and personally boasts using his electric-powered Smart car or bicycle to get about the city. However, on this occasion he was driving a council fleet car.

Despite Ferguson’s popularity, the news seeks to show not everything is always as rosey as his trousers.
Allegations were made in December regarding a conflict of interest over a proportion of the ‘Green Capital’ grant given to Bristol, which seemingly was awarded to organisations affiliated closely to a number of the Bristol 2015 awarding board members. These are still unconfirmed so we do not wish to make libelous accusations, but it is an interesting point of inquiry nonetheless.

We should however support any of the Mayor’s plans to make Bristol a greener, safer city but maybe stick to the bicycle next time aye George. 

UPDATE - News has hit just yesterday that there has been a call to scrap 20mph zones on key roads in the city. Tory council leader Mark Weston has said the £2.3 million scheme "got it wrong", and a proposal has been made to out the initiative on certain roads. Which of course would cost another £250,000.

George Ferguson caught speeding

20 Mph zone initiative 

Possible conflict of interest in Green grants

Call to scrap 20 Mph zones

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