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Get The Magazines You Need With Stack


Written by Don't Panic
27 Friday 27th November 2015

Are you searching for a combination of beauty, sophistication, wit and intelligence that will keep you up all night, in bed all morning and distracted at work?

Don't worry - there's a magazine for everyone! But if you don't live near a good book shop, it can be hard to find. 

Steven Watson started Stack Magazines because he believed that we want more from our mags. And by selecting the best independent titles for us and posting them through our letterboxes, he gives us just that. 

Each title arrives with a friendly thump every month. Always up to date and always different with sharp designs and considered content, you'll never want to throw them away (thank god. Print should never be thrown away).

Within a year you'll have a whole shelf full of interesting reads  - 12 to be exact - and you'll know way more about the world and everyone will think you're very cool and incredibly cultured. Want your friends to be cool and cultured too? They can be! Stack subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. Literally. Every month. 

Have we said that enough? You get a new magazine EVERY MONTH.

Here are some of our favourite of Stack's favourite magazines:

Cereal, the beautiful, minimal, tranquil travel magazine. The themed excellence of the detailed and wonderful arts and culture magazine; Elephant. The insightful Hello Mr, about men who date men and the tantalising pages and eye opening words of The Outpost - one of the most interesting magazines we've ever read.

Check out the rest of the archive here and subscribe to Stack, for you or a friend, right here for £5.50 a month. (most of the magazines featured retail at £10+).

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