Gmail Introduces 'Unsend' Button


Written by Jack Blocker
23 Tuesday 23rd June 2015

You know what it's like. You take a flawless photo of your quivering, proud, erect penis, complimented by the perfect angle and light, then you click send on your phone. Only you inadvertantly send it via Gmail and not Snapchat, and the recipient happens to be your grandma who's also a nun, not to mention a Bletchley girl war hero who's only one dick pic away from a full blown coronary (according to her doctor).

You fucking disgrace.

Luckily for you, scumbag, Gmail is introducing a new feature that will let you claw back such indiscretions, providing you notice on time. Which you probably won't, because you'll be taking more photos of your genitals, you animal.

To turn it on - you pervert - click the 'gear' symbol on the top right of the page to open settings, then select the amount of time you need to ensure nobody thinks you're a sex criminal (between 5 seconds and five minutes). I haven't checked to see if the feature is available on my account, because I'm confident I will never have to use it.

Not once. No sir.

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