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Go Fund Super Troopers 2!


Written by Jack Blocker
25 Wednesday 25th March 2015

I can think of few films more instrumental in my formative years than Super Troopers. Endlessly quotable, wildly inconsistent, probably a bit too long, totally stupid and probably the best movie of all time, the cop comedy served as background noise to countless nights in which THC disintegrated whatever vestigial brain cells I had in my young skull.

On one particularly joyous evening at a friend's house, we skinned up a fat bifta of twigs before settling down to watch the film. I laughed so hard during the opening scene ("you can't own the ocean, it's God's ocean" LOL) that I had to go outside and dry-heave from laughing so much.

Sadly for Broken Lizard - the crew behind the film - securing an audience of teenage stoners will not ensure your production company's solvency. Nor will subsequent films like Beerfest or Club Dread keep the funds rolling in. But nostalgia is almost as hot a currency as prolonged marijuana use, meaning the group's audience is still alive, and still baked as balls. So what do you do if the demand exceeds the money? You turn to online crowdfunding of course, and that's just what Broken Lizard has done in hope of making Super Troopers 2 a reality:

So if you like shenanigans, powdered sugar, sunshine on my goddam shoulders John Denver, shammy clothes and literacolas, then go donate now.

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