Good Move Ed


Written by Jack Blocker
30 Thursday 30th April 2015

About a week ago, George Osborne went on the Andrew Marr Show to explain how the Conservatives would drum up the extra £8 billion or so to bolster the NHS, as they had recently promised. Except he didn't. He danced around the issue like a PPI grad who isn't fit to shine shoes. He was mocked mercilessly.

This was a great coup for the commentariat, but it probably didn't change the opinion of anyone below the age of 35. That's because no one watches the Andrew Marr Show. A huge issue in this election is the disconnect between the powers that be and the nation's younger generations, and when our leaders are babbling meaningless platitudes on daytime TV it's little wonder that such a dissonance exists.

As I'm sure you know, Ed Miliband recently popped to Russell Brand's for an interview with the comedian. Our beloved PM, Big Dave Cameron, instantly described the move as a "joke." When people ask for an example of the chasm separating the political class and the youth, you need only to repeat this quote.

Russell Brand might be wrong. He might even be a tosser. But what he is, without any doubt, is a figure who can captivate an audience with the impact of a streaker in a snooker final. By sparring with Brand on The Trews, Ed has shown a willingness to expose himself to an altogether different opponent with a different set of followers.

He handled himself admirably too, deflecting Russell's shots with a charm that was both authoritative and natural. 

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