Good News, 16th June


Written by Oscar Henson
16 Friday 16th June 2017

Welcome to Good News – your weekly roundup of the most blindingly positive, life-affirming news stories from around the globe.


Despite having an absolute shitter of a year, Americans gave $390 billion to charity in 2016

Americans gave a staggering $390 billion to charity in 2016 – a massive increase on 2015, with more donations than ever coming from everyday working people.

The results are particularly surprising given the persistent state of anxiety and dread that shrouded the nation and its markets surrounding the presidential election.

In particular, the massive influx of donations made by normal people seems to show that, in times of hardness and uncertainty, we tend to become more generous, not less so.


A-Level student spends night helping Grenfell Tower residents - then goes out and duppies the ting!

18-year old student Rory Walsh worked throughout the night on Wednesday helping people affected by the Grenfell Tower blaze, and then went straight out to sit his exam the following morning.

"I was here from two until eight," the 18-year-old explained.

"And then my exam was at Twickenham so I had to journey over there - I got there a little late - and sit it.

“I got extra time but I didn't use it, I just came straight back to help out.

"I wasn't going to go to the exam this morning but I thought I might as well and now we have just been running back and forth with shopping trolleys full of donations."

Whatever his results, he'll always be a Grade A ledge.


Tigers to be reintroduced to the Cambodian wild

Here’s a rare nug of nature news that doesn’t suck: Cambodia has committed to doubling its population of tigers by reintroducing them to its Eastern Plains Landscape.

According to WWF, the Eastern Plains Landscape shows highest potential for population recovery in Asia due to its largely intact dry forest habitat.

“To bring tigers back to Cambodia would be the biggest conservation feat of its kind and would support the conservation efforts of the whole landscape,” said Chhith Sam Ath, country director of WWF Cambodia.

Tiger populations have dropped by more than 96% in the last century, with as few as 3,890 tigers left in the wild worldwide.

The reintroduction of tigers to the Eastern Plains Landscape forms part of the Tx2 agreement - a commitment made by the governments of 13 countries to double the world’s wild tiger population by 2022.

You can also help – see how here.




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