Good News, 23rd June


Written by Oscar Henson
23 Friday 23rd June 2017

Welcome to Good News – your daily roundup of the most blindingly positive, life-affirming news stories from around the globe.


Grizzly bears removed from US endangered species list

US government officials have announced plans to remove the grizzly bear's endangered species’ status after population numbers around Yellowstone National Park rose above 700 for the first time in 40 years.

Grizzlies have been protected in all states except Alaska under the Endangered Species Act since 1975, when their population dropped as low as 136.

So what are you waiting for – grab a beer and eat a bear!


'Remarkable' drop in new HIV diagnoses among gay men

For the first time, the number of new HIV diagnoses amongst gay men has fallen in England, according to data from Public Health England.

New diagnoses have fallen from 2,060 (2014-15) to 1,700 (2015-16), with an even steeper drop observed in London.

This marks the first real progress in reducing the number of gay men catching the virus, with numbers having been stuck at about 3,000 every year in the five years up to 2015.


Homeless man lends boots to diner turned away for inappropriate footwear

A would-be diner was turned away from a restaurant for wearing sandals - but luckily had his evening saved by a homeless man who offered him his boots.

Akbar Badshah, from Bradford, drove for an hour to celebrate his wife's birthday at Fazenda's in Manchester, but was told he needed different footwear.

Luckily a nearby homeless man named John offered to help and lent his boots to the cause.

Mr Badshah now intends to thank John with a meal at the restaurant.


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