Good News, 23rd March


Written by Don't Panic
23 Thursday 23rd March 2017

Welcome to Good News - our (near) daily roundup of the most blindingly positive, life-affirming news stories from around the globe.


Piers Morgan silenced on Twitter

Professional twat Piers Morgan has vowed not to Tweet for a full 24 hours tomorrow to raise money for Red Nose Day. He’s also promised to wear a Spurs football top for the day if the donations reach £50,000. The “Shut Piers Up” campaign has received donations from Gary Lineker, Gary Neville and Lord Alan Sugar, who donated a whopping £5,000.  

But how much to make him top himself?

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Piers Morgan's comic relief campaign poster


UK Trains allow refunds for no-railcard fines

We’ve all been there: you left your young-persons at home, and now you must face the unparalleled smug of the FCC ticket inspector. But rejoice! In a rare move towards enlightenment barely-if-ever seen in 2017, UK train companies have voted on the side of reason - and will now allow refunds for forgetful railcard holders (limited to one per year).

They’re also planning to roll-out digital railcards so you can store them on your phone. Just make sure you don't forget your charger...

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Oxford University announces new £10m medical marijuana research programme

Oxford University has confirmed a £10m research project that will study the medical use of marijuana, exploring its use for pain, cancer and inflammatory diseases. With global trends towards decriminilisation, legislation and mid-day snacking on the rise, could this be the start of the UK's weed revolution?

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Record-breaking solar panel converts more than a quarter of sunlight into electricity

A new silicon cell 'solar panel' that turns 26.3% of energy from the sun into renewable energy has been developed by researchers in Japan. Leaves - nature's OG solar panel - only absorb around 3-6% of energy from the sun - so fuck you nature.

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