Good News, 9th August


Written by Oscar Henson
09 Wednesday 09th August 2017

Welcome to Good News – your weekly roundup of the most blindingly positive, life-affirming news stories from around the globe.


New Berlin Mosque opens to all despite threats from Egypt and Turkey

A new liberal Mosque has opened in Berlin, allowing men and women to pray together, women to lead Friday prayers, and gay, lesbian and transgender people to attend.

Despite being issued with a fatwa from Egypt on top of attacks from religious authorities in Turkey within a week of opening, its founder has vowed to press on with the project.

"Our mosque is open for everybody," says mosque founder Seyran Ates, a German Turkish-born lawyer and women's rights activist.

"And we mean that really seriously: everybody, every lifestyle. We are not God. We don't decide who's a good or a bad Muslim. Anybody can come through this door - whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, we don't care, it's not our right to ask."

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China to see smog-filtering bicycles by end of the year

The air-purifying face masks worn by cyclists all over China may soon be a thing of the past.

Chinese bike-share start up ofo has announced plans to mass-produce the world’s first smog-filtering bicycle, which works by sucking in polluted air in front of the vehicle to be purified and released as clean air around the cyclist.

A similar mechanism was used in the world’s first Smog Free Tower, unveiled last year, which has been shown to effectively reduce air pollution by up to 45% within 20 meters of the building.

Considering that ofo has a 6.5 million-strong fleet of bicycles in daily use across 150 cities, the environmental impact of trading them in for smog-filtering models could well be huge.

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Airbnb cancels bookings made for white supremacist rally

A group of alt-right neo-nazis who used Airbnb to book accommodation and event spaces for a white supremacist rally have had their bookings cancelled and accounts deactivated by the website.

Airbnb identified the users after coming across posts on The Daily Stormer — a neo-Nazi site with sections dedicated to “race war” and the “Jewish problem” — where users had discussed using the site to book accommodation to attend the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The company said it removed the users for being “antithetical” to its community standards, which states members must “accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.”



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