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Great Moments From Election Campaign 2015


Written by Jack Blocker
07 Thursday 07th May 2015

So here it is, Don't Panic's favourite moments from Election Campaign 2015.


As you can see in the above photo, Ed Miliband looked a bit goofy when he was chowing down on a bacon sandwich a few months ago. The Sun, who once falsely claimed Liverpool fans urinated on the corpses of their fellow supporters, deemed this unbecoming of a human being, so ran this on front cover yesterday:

Many thought this was a bit much, so over the past 24 hours people on Twitter have come out in support of Ed with the #JeSuisEd hashtag.

Also, David Cameron ate a hot dog with a knife and fork, so now who's a freak?

Fuck Off Back To Eton

While on the campaign trail, David Cameron was treated to this serenade.

Nick Clegg Hung Out With Joey Essex

Thus destroying whatever shred of credibility he had left.

Nigel Farage Turned On The BBC Audience During A Debate

Which is really day one stuff in terms of 'how to not win an election.'

He later said too many immigrants have HIV.

Ed Milifandom

Thanks to a fruitful interview with Russell Brand, a non-threatening claymation face and the emergence of old footage showing him campaigning for lower rent, while his peers wore tails and trashed pubs, Ed Miliband became a bit of a cult hero - and a seriously unconvincing sex symbol.

Nick Clegg Being Savaged By This Weapon On Question Time

No fucking mercy #brutal

And finally, Clegg getting pantsed

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