Happy #EdBallsDay!


Written by Dont Panic
28 Friday 28th April 2017

Today is a momentous occasion on social media, the Web 2.0 Hindenburg disaster, when self-described 'dad, cook, pianist, economist, retired dancer and former Cabinet minister' Ed Balls mistook the tweet posting function with the platform's search engine. What we're left with has gone down for the ages, sends shivers down the spine of every hardcore Tweeter, public relations manager and anyone who would have ever considered voting for Labour:

Look at it. Would it be an exaggeration to say it cost Labour the 2015 election? Something about it captures the party's amateurish ineptitude in that era, who couldn't articulate a coherent policy so had to plaster them on mugs and big stones. If they couldn't tweet properly, how on earth could they lead a country? Furthermore, it chimed with that awkward yet insistent desire we have to find out what other people think of us; important for a politician, certainly, but human, all too human for many to take. Here's old Ed doing some other jokes stuff:

Dancing Balls

Model Bull Balls

Ice Cream Balls

Strictly Come Balls

Football Balls

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