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Written by Marlon Dolcy
07 Monday 07th March 2011

How did you get the name “Fallen York”?

Simple, Fallen is taken from Fallon from the TV show Dynasty, I always loved her character and how classy beautiful she was! And the name"York" simply sounded rich and royal, like the town in UK called York.  

Could you explain what you and the rest of your member’s roles are?

I am the founder and president of Hookers For Jesus and we have a group of ladies that volunteer within Destiny House (our safe haven for ladies) and also a group of ladies that volunteer and help the ministry side of things.  Our main role is to Hook (outreach) Help (transitional housing & support out of prostitution) and Heal (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. To explain what each lady gives and what her duties are in this ministry, I would have to send you a booklet! 

Many sex worker rights groups for example US PROS and English Collective of Prostitutes have argued that the best solution to make prostitution safer is decriminalisation. Where do you stand on this issue?

I think prostitution is severely harmful across the board, whether you legalize it/keep it illegal. Prostitution is very exploitative & abusive by nature because you are selling a product that is a living breathing human being. How do I know that it is it abusive? I lived it with the "honeymoon" where I loved the money and meeting new people, and then the flip side of it that will eventually show up as part of the type of dangerous job that it is - rapes, beatings, dominations, kidnappings, robberies and even death. I have had many friends die because of this industry from murders, suicides to AIDs. I believe that there is no real solution to this problem until we address the johns and the traffickers first. As long as there is demand, the supply will show up.  

Do you feel that there is any way to be employed within the pornography industry as a legitimate way to earn a living and/or fund education or family?

You might make the money for your family to go to college and provide a home, and even be a law-abiding tax paying citizen - but the price that you will pay is a very high one of emotional and physical and psychological abuse/distress. Porn is just another form of prostitution, the only difference is that you are being filmed for the act. No one respects porn stars, here today and gone tomorrow, and once you are too old and "used up", your job security diminishes severely. 

You were once a prostitute and call girl. What were you reasons in pursuing a life of vice? 

First it was money for college (that was my excuse) because I felt that if I had an education, everyone would respect me and I could finally make something of myself. But the truth of the matter was is that I was empty inside—I had already been searching for love in all the wrong places with all different kinds of men at a young age, and seemed to get my heart broken every time. But when I prostituted myself, in the very beginning I felt a sense of power over men and domination to the men that had broken my heart.  

We all know that 'things' do not replace a broken heart. Honestly, I didn't really want success or things, what I really wanted was for a man to love me and to be able to get married and have a real family. So eventually I met a man when I was exotic strip dancing that I thought really loved me… who then later became my pimp. I gave him every piece of me, heart and soul, including the money I made. By the time I found out I was trapped, it was too late. I became a slave to him and the sex industry.

With my life threatened daily and severe beatings from him, I knew I could no longer live this way, so I left him even though I was deep in love. However, I didn't leave the industry yet - I stayed in it because I wanted to make up what I had given to my pimp. I finally did get out, and when I did, I was a fragment of the person I knew to be when I first started selling myself. I desperately needed counseling and help, because I honestly felt my whole life was over. I really didn't have a purpose and I knew that if I didn't quit, I would eventually get murdered or die of depression.  

What do you think your government could do to stop sex trafficking and exploitation?

Address the pimps and the clients that are buying girls! Also provide victim funding to rehabilitate and heal these women, to provide housing and services to get these ladies back to their original design - to be world changers for GOOD! 

For more information visit hookersforjesus.net

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