How to Handle an Emergency while on Holiday


Written by Esme Rees
31 Tuesday 31st May 2016

No-one thinks about emergencies when planning and packing to go on vacation. We think about boozy drinks with too much sugar and little paper umbrellas, new places and experiences, getting away from it all. All worthwhile thoughts- but definitely not the only things worth your consideration.

Holiday travel is the management of a thousand tiny disasters. Not the least of which is yet another dad filming his holiday with a GoPro facing the wrong direction. Fortunately, things like this aren't usually fatal even if it can be rather painful for the viewers of the awful footage...

Other events are far more significant. What's more, they usually end up costing a boatload of money. If you're visiting India, getting access to emergency funds may not be the easiest feat in certain situations. Your relatives, friends, or business associates can send money to India via an online service like Ria Money Transfer. As a recipient, you can have the money sent directly to your bank account. Or you can pick up cash at one of 44,000 locations.

The ability to access money quickly and conveniently while on holiday is key to managing those thousands of little disasters. Here are a few you should plan for in advance:

Technical Difficulties

If you are on one of those working vacations, you might want to give a care for the technology you bring with you. As you likely already know, bad things happen to good technology when you are away from home.

One of the most common tech disasters is that the one and only charging cable you brought with you gets lost, or dies altogether. If that was a proprietary cable for a Mac, and you are nowhere near an Apple Store, you are completely out of luck.

Far worse things can happen to your technology than that when you are on the road. That is why when you are doing something mission critical while traveling, you should bring a spare charger. Even the SBA gets behind this idea. You should even have a secondary computing device in case your primary fails. Don't let technical difficulties ruin your trip. Plan ahead.

Cash: Don't Leave Home Without It

Obviously, you grabbed all your plastic money. It is what you rely on to put gas in the car and bread on the table. Here in the states, money is made of plastic, not paper. Once you leave for points elsewhere, you will quickly find out how unreliable plastic can be as a medium of currency.

One of the most common disasters that can literally leave you stranded is that your bank or credit card company cuts off your plastic due to suspicious purchasing activity. One day, you are in Lineville, AL where the most exciting purchase you can make is a gallon of fancy gas for your riding mower. The next day, you are in Milan, sipping unpronounceable wine at a tourist trap for $200 a glass. You're going to be cut off before you can fill up your tank and buy a pair of Nikes.

To avoid this disaster, you need to do two things: First, carry cash. Only use it in an emergency. When your card is shut off, at least you will be able to hail a ride back to the hotel. Second, always let the bank know you are leaving the country ahead of time. This will keep them from flagging your card as stolen.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Dramamine

When your family of four goes on holiday, there is a three out of four chance that someone will get sick. And while this statistic is completely made up, it is absolutely true. It may be motion sickness, something that feels a lot like food poisoning, or the old-fashioned flu virus. One way or the other, someone in the group is coming down with it.

You can tame this plague by getting out in front of it. Bring the Dramamine, Emetrol, DayQuil, or whatever it is that gets you through these bouts of misery. Holidays are a study in managed chaos. Bring the meds, bring cash, and a few extra chargers to get you through some of the most common vacation disasters

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