How To Save Money As A Student


Written by VoucherBox
27 Wednesday 27th August 2014

While folks in Europe are offered pretty tidy student loans compared to our friends across the pond, it's still worth learning some money saving tricks so you'll be able to buy your parents a drink when they come to watch you walk across that stage. 

1) Try to rule out what you don’t need 

That new spring wardrobe might look great when you're rocking out at the coolest party on campus, but it is not a necessity, especially when you've only eaten instant noodles for the past 72 hours. Being a poor student means you may as well practice budgeting like the adult you're supposed to be. So rule out the things you don't need and stick to the stuff you can afford. You can sip expensive Chardonnay when you have a real job.

2) Get creative

Going out? Drink at home. Low on food money? Lentils! Need a textbook? Shop online! It's little tricks like these that will keep your wallet - and stomach - fuller for longer.

3) Take advantage of what your university offers

If you're lucky enough to have a cafeteria in your accommodation, use it. Even though the food might taste like second-hand furniture, it's cheap. Similarly, find every restaurant, shop and bar which does a student discount in your uni's town and take full advantage. 

4) Reduce transportation costs 

You're in the prime of your life, so you may as well walk or cycle everywhere. Not only will it get you where you're going, it will double up as exercise.

5) Make your own coffee

You're going to need a lot of coffee when you're spending the night before deadline day thrashing out an essay on post-modernity in American Literature, so you should probably brew your own. Not only will you save money on expensive trips to the local cafe, you'll be able to make it as strong as your exhausted brain can handle.


6) Use Internet resources available

Students can always be expected to skim by on a low budget. But when exams loom, pressure increases and you need a break from living like a vitamin deprived hermit in the library, you can get great deals on clothes, food, tech and loads of other goodies over on Voucherbox

7) Party smart

If you're not drinking 80% of your alcohol at the house before you hit the club, then it's surprising you were smart enough to make it to higher education in the first place.

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