The Human cost of Tax Dodging Revealed


Written by Don't Panic
30 Monday 30th October 2017


Tax is the entry fee to a civilised society, yet tax dodgers still reign supreme and we arely try to hold them accountable for their crimes. There is a bizarre attitude toward tax avoidance, Boris Johnson once said “It is absurd to blame the company for ‘not paying their taxes’. You might as well blame a shark for eating seals.”   


Why do we only take care of the selfish sharks at the top? What about the seals?


In some of the poorest countries in the world companies dodge approximately £78bn in tax annually, just​ ​a​ ​third​ ​of this is enough to cover the bill for essential healthcare that could prevent the needless deaths of eight​ ​million​ mothers, babies and children. So much importance is placed on  business and economy, countries need them to survive that we they forget the true lifeblood of a country and its society; the people, everyone from the top to the bottom make up a society, to ignore one for the other takes us back to the dark ages.


Oxfam revealed this information today alongside this hard-hitting film illustrating the human cost of tax avoidance on the world’s poorest. The film portray faceless thieves, taking vital services from a hospital. Oxfam’s Campaigns Director, said: “Tax dodgers may not be literally stealing medicines from the pockets of the poorest but they are depriving poor countries of billions that could be invested in healthcare. It’s wrong that so many of the world’s poorest people are missing out on basic medical treatment that could save their lives and give them a chance of escaping poverty and hardship.”



Governments urgently need to tackle tax secrecy to help put an end to tax dodging. As movement towards an EU tax transparency deal has stalled, Oxfam is calling on the Chancellor to use next month’s Budget to commit to implementing tougher tax laws for UK-based multinationals by the end of 2019. Greater tax transparency would make it easier to verify whether companies’ tax bills are in line with their real economic activity in every country where they do business – and to hold them accountable.


However, until public reporting requirements are mandatory for all large businesses,widespread tax avoidance will continue to deprive governments rich and poor of revenue needed to provide essential services and tackle poverty.


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