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Written by Daniel Heyes
11 Wednesday 11th October 2017

Charity Kase is a Drag Queen whose original and captivating looks have drawn in over 40k followers. Currently creating a new look every single day as part of his 365 Days of Drag project, we managed to slip into Kase’s DM’s to find out more on drag and the conflation of Instagram and creativity.


How long have you been doing drag?

I dabbled in drag about 3 years ago when I was 17 every once in a blue moon but it was absolutely terrible, I wasn't serious about it. I've been doing Drag professionally for about a year now!


How do you find inspiration to come up with a new look every day?

It's becoming a struggle but that's bound to happen really! I've been creating looks for three quarters of a year now so it's going to be difficult. I get a lot of inspiration from cartoons, sci fi and fantasy tv, film and literature. I use Pinterest a lot now for daily inspiration I have also had some great ideas ideas from my fantastic Instagram followers!


What has been your favourite look?

Choosing a favourite look is really difficult now after I have done so many! It changes weekly, at the minute I love my Scary Jester from Day 268.


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Do you have a side hustle?

Drag is my full time job now! I run my online merchandise stall and also sell custom painted clothing too when I find the time. I'm lucky enough to have regular work at The Box in London which means I can spend a lot of my time creating fabulous looks!


How comfortable are you in drag when not in a queer space?

I am pretty comfortable in drag anywhere as it goes! I've found that straight people react to a crystallised alien much the same as us gays. I think it's important to be inclusive.


How do you feel about Drag becoming more mainstream?

I'm really glad that Drag has become more mainstream, if it hadn't I don't think I would ever have become a drag queen myself. It makes it easier for young aspiring artists to make a living from their craft as the art form is more respected in general. It has opened people's minds up in the UK especially to what Drag can be, and shown people it isn't just limited to Lily Savage!


You've been vocal about issues facing the queer community in the past, do you think that other artists should be using their platforms in a similar way?

I do think people should use their platforms to spread awareness of problems in our community. The world is going through times that have us all feeling uneasy and we should talk about these things and share our thoughts.Minorities are being targeted all over the world and we have to support them and stand up for their rights when maybe they aren't capable.


How do you think Instagram has influenced the drag community?

I think Instagram is a great platform for artists to share their work, get feedback and engage directly with your fan base. Personally, I treat my Instagram as a portfolio and gallery of my art and it works amazingly. It has made it possible to build a following as an artist without your art leaving the house which just a few years ago would have seemed crazy.

To see more of Charity Kase check out his Instagram @CharityKase or Website

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