Can @BeyonceFan666 Predict The Future?


Written by Dont Panic
01 Wednesday 01st February 2017

Twitter's been great for lurking porn stars, making bomb threats and general trolling so it's a shame that the platform is generally considered to be in decline, with a shrinking base of users while other apps, like Snapchat, are in ascendancy. It'd be a shame if Twitter did bite the dust - scrolling through ossified layers of dead memes, badly targeted promotional ads and defunct companies @-ing each other humourously - because I feel like we'd miss out on absolute gems like @beyoncefan666.

Over the account's 22 tweets - at time of writing - the user makes a series of claims which have come to pass. For instance: 

The EU referendum was always predicted to be a close vote, but afterwards it became clear that few polls expected the exact result to happen. So it is mildly spooky that the outcome and ratio were both correct in this case. Moving onto the recent US presidential election:

I think this one deserves a little less credit. In the dying days of the election, in spite of the many controversies, it was clear that Trump was still playing to win and that bad news was spilling out of the Clinton camp. However, the account's first tweet is mentioning a Trump win, so, if nothing else, at least the user had the guts to say what many of us considered unthinkable. And lastly:

This one is a bit nutty. I'm still something of a skeptic and I'm not saying I'll outsourcing all my lottery picks to @beyoncefan666, but let's just say you'll soon find me on a private island.

So is @beyoncefan666 a Twitter programmer able to backdate tweets? A Mystic Meg of social media? Or just Beyonce's marketing team skilfully building a buzz with a little political know-how? In this deceitful, murky online web of hearsay we call... the web, we may never know.

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