Is Stephen Fry the Antichrist?


08 Monday 08th November 2010
It seems that pompous broadcaster Stephen Fry has stepped out of his area of expertise and upset a few feminists by claiming that women like sex less than men. He has tried to defend himself by saying that he was misquoted but is throwing his toys out of the pram and threatening to quit twitter (again) over the remarks printed in The Observer.
The openly homosexual QI presenter has left his two million followers behind in protest to the reaction. This would be a pretty big deal since Fry seems to dedicate every waking hour to the social media website, however it isn’t the first time he has quit. Last year someone upset him by claiming his tweets were boring. So he quit in anger. Although after he had had a paddy about the comment he was back online again a few days later. 
But is it for real this time? He wrote his last words on twitter last week, “So some fucking paper misquotes a humorous interview I gave, which itself misquoted me and now I’m the Antichrist. I give up”; and then a couple of minutes later he tweeted “Bye Bye”.
Well, clearly some women did not think it was at all funny as his comments have lead to him being publicly abused by feminists, women’s group and the media. He has been described as Britain’s most intelligent man but is he really “giving up” twitter? Don’t be such a defeatist Stephen. Maybe he’s embarrassed that his apparent extensive knowledge of women is not so correct. After all, you can’t claim that women only have sex for money or to manipulate a man into a relationship and not expect an outcry, even if it was for ‘humorous’ purposes.
He also used the interview to not only offend women and say they are inadequate to enjoy sex but also to disclose details about an “extraordinary Underworld” of cottaging which is basically anonymous sex between gay men in public toilet – in the interview with Attitude magazine that has caused all this outrage, he allegedly claims that he was “slightly obsessed” with it in his youth. Nice. Perhaps he will be interested to know that National Sausage Week started yesterday, it can be a filler for the time he usually spends tweeting. But every week is sausage week for Stephen.
And as for the “Antichrist” bit, that’s a bit extreme don’t you think? I’m sure there are far better candidates than Stephen Fry, any nominations? 

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