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ISIS Reportedly Strapping Bombs To Chickens!?!?


Written by Jack Blocker
20 Monday 20th July 2015

Even if a story is totally unverifiable, it's sometimes worth publishing thanks to an incredibly stupid attached picture! That chicken above, the one covered in empty loo rolls, masking tape and a motor for an RC car, is apparently ISIS's new weapon in the war on the West. The clucking key to the Caliphate. The Zinger Tower bomber. The suicide wing challenge.

You see, the above arts and crafts project is reportedly a chicken with a bomb strapped to it, and the photo has been making the rounds on various pro and anti ISIS sites as a symbol of the Islamic's State's threat/idiocy. It's inept. It's ingenious. And if there's any truth to it then rampaging chickens are exploding and killing people.

I don't blame you if you're feeling a little skeptical right now. For one thing, just look at it. On a more logistical level, chickens are idiots, and they are just as likely to blow up under you car as your enemy's. However, the use of animals as living bombs has long been a widely disputed feature of modern war. There's an apocryphal rumour that the Nazis strapped bombs to dogs and instructed them to run under enemy tanks. Unfortunately, they trained them using German tanks, so the dogs were responsible for a lot of friendly fire when they hit the battle field.

Regarding the birds: I want to believe and I think you do too. To picture jihadists taping a crude explosive to a chicken really makes a man feel safe in this crazy world.

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