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Jason Lawrance, The Rapist Wouldn't Stop


Written by Dont Panic
08 Tuesday 08th March 2016

Pictured above, Jason Lawrance is a 50-year old recently convicted serial rapist who attacked seven women across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. He was sentenced to serve at least twelve years in prison before the possibility of parole; the judge in the case described Lawrance as a 'dangerous sexual predator' and continued to pose a threat to women.

Lawrence's crimes were brutal. He drove one victim to a pitch black isolated field before confiscating her phone and raping her. On another occasion he assaulted a woman while her teenage son was in another room. He used one victim's own tights to tie her up before attacking her in a Cambridgeshire hotel room. Lawrance mostly preyed upon middle-aged divorced and widowed women, his method of contacting them the popular dating website

Lawrance had strong ties to the site - he met his wife through it - and used two profiles. He wouldn't upload pictures and would convice women he messaged to communicate via email. These moves were to ensure he wouldn't break's terms and conditions. However, after Lawrance began his string of crimes in 2011, four of his seven victims contacted the site to urge them to scrap his profile; they feared he'd use it to carry on his behavior with other women.'s response? They did nothing, stating that Lawrance hadn't violated the site's rules.

As was mentioned in trial, the true number of Lawrance's victims may never be known and was urged to improve its security measures.

Don't Panic London has created these images to criticise's conduct. It plays on's #LoveYourImperfections ad campaign; after all, according to the dating website, isn't a penchant for rohypnol the same as being slow with your Oyster card?

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