Labour: What’s next?


Written by Oly Beer
27 Monday 27th September 2010

In the last general election we saw the Con-Dem coalition seize power from the former Labour government, removing them from office for the first time in thirteen years. This marked an end to increasing high employment, declining educational standards and going to war on a false premise. Maybe.

Ed Miliband, the newly instated Labour leader, ended the running for his party’s leadership on Saturday, defeating his brother, David, for the top job in the Labour party. On his website he stated, “I am deeply proud to have been elected Labour leader”. The question now is: What is next for Labour?
After hearing the news of his victory yesterday ‘Red Ed’, as the Tories have already dubbed him, said “I joined this party at the age of seventeen. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d lead it.” A real rags-to-riches story. It’s a worrying time for New Labour.
In traditional compliance with British politics, no election passes without criticism. In spite of the fact Red Ed secured 157,519 (50.65%) of the votes, David Miliband’s supporters prior to the election complained that David had been a victim of ‘sustained and vicious attacks’ by his brother’s allies. Furthermore, they also claimed that Ed’s supporters had been ‘stalking’ and ‘threatening’ MPs into backing his campaign. Whether this is hearsay, or a highlight of spineless British politicians, I’m sure we’ll see over time.  
However, David Miliband supporters need not worry, his future within the Labour party is secure. His brother has offered him ‘any job’ to keep him at the forefront of British politics. Patronage, anyone?
So what’s next for Labour? It’s no secret that there are serious worries lingering Ed’s victory. Regarding his leadership style, one man in his camp described him as a ‘dithering’ and ‘shambolic’ man – hardly a glowing character reference. One thing is certain: after Gordon Brown’s destruction of New Labour’s credibility, if Ed Miliband can’t unite his party and his leadership abilities are ‘shambolic’, he will quickly be exposed. Leaving Labour back at square one.


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