Learn How To Shop Online With Rock & Soul


Written by Don't Panic
26 Wednesday 26th November 2014

Here, founder Elizabeth Miles, brings you her top 5 tips for vintage shopping on the big scary internet. Step aside poor fits and soiled fabrics, this is how you look good with a few clicks of your mouse:

1. ALWAYS check the website sizing chart as vintage items sizes can vary hugely from era to era. What was considered a Medium in the 60's is probably a lot smaller than a modern Medium. For obvious reasons.

2. Websites will usually state the vintage condition of a garment on their website, so make sure you read the garment descriptions thoroughly for any stated defects before you buy. A lot of the time the garments won't be in a perfect vintage condition, but I find this all adds to the charm.

3. Always double check the company returns policy. Due to vintage items usually being one of a kind, some companies will not issue a refund as items are unique and one offs. Also, it’s already been worn by god knows how many people, so don’t be shocked if they won't take it back!

4. Get inspiration from different eras and see what suits you! You can always define a garment to a decade by the cut, shape, material, colour, fastening and label. I use eBay a lot as a kind of window shopping process, type in key words of what you're looking for and see all the variety appear! It can really inspire you and help you on your way to deciding exactly what it is that you're after and finding the perfect statement piece.

5. I sometimes find the music I'm listening too can influence my outfit from day to day, which I think shares a wonderful correlation. Have fun and experiment with the many nostalgic styles out there, don't be afraid to try something that you wouldn't usually dare to. Vintage is supposed to be fun and if you wear it with confidence you will rock it with ease! 

Good luck and don't forget to check out www.rockandsoul.co.uk for the new collection of awesome leather jackets and faux fur coats.

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