Leave Dapper Laughs Alone!


Written by Jack Blocker
23 Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Because hifalutin columnists make me desperate to stick up for him, I’m about to take the largely shitheaded position of defending Dapper Laughs.

So buckle up people, because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

I’ve read a few stories this morning lambasting DL for a recent failed venture into the exciting world of online content. Last week, Dapper launched a website called DappsDaily.com, which was chock-full of the sort of listicles you’d encounter on every other viral site. This was certainly true for DappsDaily, because most of them had been copied wholesale from other publications. The site has since been taken down.

As a person who works in online content, I’m not really bothered by this. The internet is a 24/7 operation and page views are the only way a site can get money from advertisers (for the most part), so recycling shit you find elsewhere is how you keep things ticking over when original stuff is hard to come by. Just because Dapper couldn’t be bothered to re-word the copy doesn’t make his site any worse - if anything, it makes him more honest than a Buzzfeed blogger.

But remember. Dapper was the harbinger of rape culture who single-handedly churned this country into a rich batter of think-pieces and internet outrage. So news of his listicle failure was met with glee by, among others, The Guardian, who posted a cynical article dismantling DappsDaily. Look here - they’ve screen grabbed one shitty website and placed it against Dapper’s, instantly finding him guilty of plagiarism in the court of online op-eds. Savage.

I should credit this photo to the Guardian, but who dafuq cares

Call me a turd, but I think this is an extremely petty thing to do. Dapper Laughs is over. He went on Newsnight to say he was over. He made a much-maligned pilot for a show in which he mocked his over-ness. Right now, Dapper exists in a world of night club appearances and charitable re-tweets (if it’s your birthday, Dapper WILL RT you). Even if it rattles your moral compass to think about, you can still catch Dapper in venues like Arizona, in Sunderland, Studio 2, in Liverpool and Rainbow Bar, in Birmingham. 

In other words, places you’ve probably never heard of. I certainly wouldn’t have known about them until I saw the Guardian article and decided it see if Dapper was still alive. He is, and he clearly has a select group of fans willing to pay £16.50 to see him. Bringing him to the attention of anyone else is just smug, self-gratifying bullying, which picks on a safe target for the same reason DappsDaily was created: Pageviews. 

This online lynch mob needs to pack it in. Let the man tour his sticky-floored venues in peace.

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