Let's Talk About Russell Brand & PARKLIFE-GATE


Written by Jack Blocker
05 Wednesday 05th November 2014

Appaz this tweet started it all. Dan describes himself as a "big fan of ecommerce, emarketing, ebusiness". Still think it's cool?

It’s the chat that would have you buying a commemorative Lady Di tea-towel on Roman Road even though you only popped out for milk; the gift of the gab that makes the man in the flat-roofed pub give you better odds on a dog-fight, or a lesser width on your Chelsea smile. It’s lingo for folks whose thesaurus is bigger than their brain, and Russell Brand clearly thought it was the way to sell a Revolution.

I don’t agree with Brand. I think he’s misguided and infuriating. He’s encouraging people to stop paying taxes and urging them to not vote. He ignores the very real costs of such actions and when he’s confronted with the potential consequences, he dismisses them as elitist jargon. At times he almost seems anti-intellectual.

But as a long time cynic, who’s approached politics with a deeply entrenched sense of apathy, I respect Brand’s cause. Whatever his faults, there’s no denying his passion and his sincerity. Will he succeed? Probably not, but at least his efforts are making the Left look slightly less mirthless and dull.

To revel in this PARKLIFE gag is to peddle in the lowest common denominator, to further establish cynicism as the de facto ethos and to mock a man without even bothering to read his manifesto. And seeing as the people behind this trend probably think Brand's prose is befitting an ill-educated prole, they really have no reason not to breeze through it before taking the piss.

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