Lipcote Review


Written by Don't Panic
17 Monday 17th November 2014

Lipstick is a remarkably good tool for not only transforming your appearance, but also how you feel on the inside, for example: red = sassy, plum = sultry, orange = confident, nude = sophisticated (the list goes on).

However, though you might leave the house, lips in tact, feeling sassy in bright red, pretty soon your day/night becomes a minefield of obstacles.

Every drink you drink is marked with a kiss, food has to be chosen carefully - no sinking your teeth into a big baguette today, and definitely no pastry goods.

Greeting friends becomes an awkward dance as you try to embrace them without smearing red on their clean white shirt. And any snogs that might occur are quite frankly just a no go.

Why can't we not wear red lipstick AND have snogs. Urgh.

Oh, wait, what… you can?! That's right, you can. Lipcote have the answer! The clue is in the name. with the original lipstick sealer, Lipcote your lips will be sealed to perfection, you need not worry about smearing your red lipstick or having your bright pink pout fade after a few hours, I guarantee Lipcote is all it takes to fix lipstick in place, hooray!

Lipcote is not a new idea, I am just late to join the party. It was actually was first created in 1945 and became increasingly popular in the ‘80s, when lipstick was trending. More than 30 years later, post the lip-gloss boom, Lipcote + lipstick, is once again making a comeback.

So, how do you use it? Follow their guide to long lasting lipstick here: as well as this handy little Lipcote Lipstick Finder  It’s a unique search engine created by them to help you find your perfect lippy match!

For £3.99 it is a make-up bag must.
Embrace colour, be brave with your lipstick choices!


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