Locke - A Review


Written by Ganesh Senthi
25 Thursday 25th September 2014

Locke is the latest film by Steven Knight, starring the consistently impressive Tom Hardy, a film that if you were to describe it to me (without giving too much of the story away), I would not quite get it. The premise is very simple: Ivan Locke, building site foreman, finds out his life is changing very quickly because of a mistake he made in the past. The entire film takes place in the driver’s seat of his car. A concept that, if done poorly, would usually make me switch over promptly. 

Locke wasn't done poorly, in fact it was very much the opposite. Tom Hardy always puts on a memorable performance and the editing was seamless, but Locke was edge-of-your-seat gripping because the writing was so strong. Steven Knight did not write a glossy Hollywood script, he wrote a proper working class British story that incorporates elements of everyday life. It allows viewers to understand and feel for the characters, with enough charm to make watching Tom Hardy drive a car for an hour and a half manageable. I was engrossed as the story unravelled. 

The Q&A with Steven Knight was insightful, we learned that the premise of the film was partly based around his own experience of working on a building site and the “drama surrounding concrete”. He talked about his desire to make unconventional films and his dislike of cinemas, but the big exclusive (shhh!) is that he is currently writing the sequel to World War Z. 

So, Ivan Locke. A man with integrity and steely determination facing a situation which would make most men crumble. A thrilling movie that was not what I expected it to be, but is one of my film highlights of the year. 

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