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Louise Mensch Says, "Punch People at Work"


Written by Jack Blocker
25 Wednesday 25th March 2015

But don't take my word for it. I gleaned this advice from the Twitter account of Louise Mensch, the woman who is both a former Conservative MP AND the wife of Metallica's manager. If that's not the absolute pinnacle of success, I'll pour hot coffee over an intern right now.

Earlier, Mensch tweeted this in relation to the whole Jeremy Clarkson affair:

In this age of political correctness gone mad, our once calloused hands have softened into marshmallows that could barely crush a fly let alone deliver the fist treatment. As per, the Barmy Brussels Bureaucrats who impede our conservative sweethearts from tweeting it like it is thought they'd climb aboard their non-British high horse and accuse Mensch of being wrong.

Now I can't find the original exchange between Louise and one particular communist interloper called Laura Marcus, so thankfully I screengrabbed it. Some might think that Mensch deleted the tweet because she realised that condoning violence might not reflect kindly on her or her affiliated party. To that I say this; have you ever heard of a right-wing politician/author/blowhard reneging on 140 characters because what they said is totally stupid? I know I haven't!

Not ever!!!!

I can only assume the giant brain sloshing about Louise's skull caused her head to come crashing to the keyboard, accidently deleting the tweet. Being that smart can cost:

So the next time you disagree with someone at work, punch that fucker. Obviously make sure you're an equal match, but that offers a lot of variation so don't get too hung up on it.

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