Luxury Cars Forgotten in Dubai


Written by John Harris
08 Friday 08th May 2015

In our modern day society, the vast population of the globe are driven by the need to not only provide the basics for themselves and their families, but to be able to indulge in luxuries and in truth, live a wealthy lifestyle. The majority of people who manage to become part of the monetary elite have often worked extremely hard to fuel such a lifestyle, and in turn seek to enjoy early retirement to best use the assets they have collected over the years. Some of these financially well-off individuals decide to take to warmer, foreign climates aboard to live out their work-free days. 

Many of us often watch television programmes that highlight glamorous, sun-kissed destinations to where Britons flock, with Dubai finding itself a popular option. The futuristic contemporary elegance that exudes from this United Arab Emirates city is one of the primary reasons so many people head there to live out a millionaire lifestyle. One of the chief commodities that normally goes hand-in-hand with such a lifestyle is luxury cars, whether it's an Aston MartinMercedes or Bentley, they are part-and-parcel of the status. However, there can be draw backs to this much-desired lifestyle - namely, financial problems and debt. 

Bearing that in mind, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to know that thousands of luxury cars are left abandoned in Dubai annually. In fact, in 2011 alone there were over 3,000 discarded vehicles found, and since then this number has only continued to grow. Beautiful cars, such as a limited edition Ferrari Enzo, worth approximately £1 million, have been on the list of discovered cars. Ferrari is arguably the dream car for anyone in the financial elite because of its rich history as a truly exceptional piece of automotive technology. Even a used Ferrari California is a desirable addition to anyone's collection – so why are similar cars to this so carelessly abandoned?

The answer lies in the harsh laws that govern Dubai and the United Arab Emirates; their Sharia laws view even accidentally acquired debt, and non-repayment, as a criminal offence punishable by prison. Furthermore, and probably even more shocking to us not familiar with living there, the UAE doesn't have any laws on bankruptcy. As a result of these two factors, residents can be blacklisted for simply missing one credit card payment, an unfortunate circumstance that can happen to the best of us. 

In an attempt to avoid the strict backlash of Dubai law, many of the prized car owners have fled back to their home country to try and start over. One such expat, a British man, commented on the troublesome trend when speaking to the Business Insider. The unnamed individual remarks on how it isn't just expats who are to blame for the abandonment of luxury cars, but local residents too. What is more, he comments on how the recent financial crisis impacted and affected many different types of people and not just the wealthy or foreign workers. 

Although the reality of wealthy isn't as rosy as many assume, not everyone is forced into abandoning their car. After all, having worked hard for many years, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with an exceptional gift, be that jewellery for your loved one or a luxury car for yourself. In fact, if nothing else, this state of affairs in Dubai should show you just how obtainable and special that dream car of yours is.

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