Make Sure YOU Vote Tomorrow


Written by Jack Blocker
06 Wednesday 06th May 2015

Thank you Shutterstock for this v. 90s voting image.

The day is almost upon us. The day when you will step into the ballot box and decide the future of this great country. You have the power to make a change, and failing to mark an ‘X’ on your ballot paper is an insult to every person who fought for the freedom you now take for granted; every soldier, every suffragette and every oppressed citizen still fighting for a free democracy in other parts of the world.

There are many of you who will read that and cry “bullshit.” Those who think the system is too broken and the status quo too entrenched for voting to make any difference at all. Given the neo-con fist that’s battered the nation for the last five years, it’s hard not to sympathise with that view. However, when even Russell Brand is urging the nation to vote Labour, maybe you neighsayers could at least go down and spoil your ballot. Not voting isn’t going to usher in the revolution, but it will mean that whoever leads the country come Friday morning won’t represent you. So don’t start complaining if they start fucking us over, kapeesh?

The more of us who vote, the more representative Parliament will be. The more young people who vote, the more likely we are to prevent Dave and his pals from further reinforcing corporate hegemony for another five years. Convinced that whoever becomes PM will be a shill bowing to billionaire masters? Then I doubt any amount of rhetoric is going to change your view. But at least get to the ballot and vote Green - or another non-mainstreamer -  in your own community. Bristol and Brighton are practically leftist Utopias compared to some parts of the country, largely because locals were more interested in what was happening on their doorstep than in Westminster. 

The new PM will take notice if this starts happening in other constituencies throughout the country.

There are people on the ballot who have a vision for a fairer Britain. They won't be able to realise it if we all stay at home.

Also, if you’re reading this and voting Conservative, then I’m impressed you’ve stuck with Don’t Panic for this long.

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