Manchester Teen Needs Weed


Written by Oliver Martin
24 Monday 24th March 2014

Nevan Davies, a 16 year old boy from Chorlton, has severe epilepsy which causes him to have ‘drop seizures’ that have previously resulted in a broken nose and knocked out teeth – meaning that for his protection, he must wear an ice hockey helmet at all times. Fortunately, it makes him look pretty damn cool. Nevan has tried every traditional treatment available in the UK, but has not responded to any of them, meaning he suffers several hundred seizures a week.

In regions where it is legal, cannabis is often prescribed to those who have exhausted traditional treatments without success. In search of a solution to Nevan’s anguish, his family have decided to raise £30,000 to relocate to Colorado, USA – where cannabis is legal state-wide. Given that, like Nevan, 30% of epileptics fail to gain anything from traditional treatments, his family won’t be the last ones looking to make the move.

The cannabis produced for medicinal purposes is generally less psycho-active than the cannabis you’re likely to get from a dealer. This is because casual users tend to favour strains that cause potent euphoric and drowsy ‘high’ sensations brought about by high levels of THC, the drawback of which is an increased propensity towards anxiety and psychosis. Medicinal strains tend to be bred with lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD: an anti-psychotic, meaning it is generally better suited to treatment of children – something demonstrated in Vice’s recent ‘Stoned Kids’ documentary:

Given the proven curative powers of cannabis, it’s hard to comprehend why the British government has not begun the process of legalising cannabis for medical use, or at least put the issue to a referendum. As access to information increases and the effects of anti-cannabis propaganda are shaken off, hopefully people like Nevan will be able to use cannabis without fear of being prosecuted as a criminal or being forced to up-sticks to the other side of the world.

Unfortunately we cannot find any contact details for Nevan, nor links to donate to his cause. If anyone knows how to reach him, please do let us know!

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