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Margaret Thatcher Cardboard Cut-Out Beheaded At Manchester University Event


Written by Dont Panic
22 Thursday 22nd September 2016

Despite the rotting accommodation, debt-riddled students, jaded academics and foam party casualties, the most upsetting sight on uni campus is still the student wing of the Conservative party (followed up by the Lib Dem group). You would've thought that the early years of tweed and fagging would've been cast off after arriving in a more diverse, vibrant part of the country, but it appears some young adults stick to their guns more than ever in the face of, you know, ordinary people. This is particularly true in an event which happened yesterday in Manchester.

As taken from The Mancunion (I wrote for them, it's fine), yesterday at the freshers fair - where you get free shit and feign interest in joining a society during first year - Manchester Conservative Future put up a cardboard cut out of Margaret Thatcher. People took selfies with it and no-one seemed to mind until students Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake grabbed the cut out and ripped its head off.

The decapitators justified their actions as a protest against a symbol of public spending cuts being hosted in an educational facility. Luke Dyks, Chair of Manchester Conservative Future said the cut out was 'a bit of self parody... Even the Manchester Marxists on the table next to us had seen the funny side.' The Marxists said the beheaders were unaffiliated with the group and commented '(we) do not condone the beheading of political opponents, cardboard or otherwise. Having said that the anger of workers and students against one of the most anti worker figures in living memory is very understandable.'

In any other year, this would be taken as harmless fun, students doing what students do. Maybe it's young people getting uptight and boring, the academic field getting more elitist as it gets more expensive, the supposed fight between free speech and safe spaces, the polarised right and left wing, I don't know. In any case, don't act like beheading a cardboard cut out is revolutionary but also don't be a fucking Tory, particularly in the best years of your life; those should be for ketamine, the fast food deals you get on the back of bus tickets, boozing and pregnancy scares.  


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