Memory or Money?


Written by Don't Panic
04 Monday 04th December 2017

“And if you don't believe memories are worth more than money, then perhaps you've not made the right kind of memories.”

Our memory makes up who we are, it's the chain that connects our past and present and keeps us attached to everything that makes us, us. But we live in a materialistic planet, governed by a neo-liberalistic world order that teaches us the we are only as much as our possessions. Our government constantly rewards the big earners of our society, placing money at the top of the pyramid.


Making memories is a lot easier than making money, but what if these two ideas became conflated? As our obsession with things and status grows and our experiences become diluted by social media it’s refreshing to see that people still choose memory and experience over money.


To find out how precious memories really are, put members of the public to the test with a filmed social experiment. During the ‘scientific’ experiment people were led to believe a specific treasured memory had been pinpointed in their brains, and were offered the chance to have it deleted for a lump sum of money. The results were fascinating, with a few even willing to take the cash!


The film made with Don’t Panic proves that you can’t put a price on making memories... apart from the money that you spend on a holiday.


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