Naughty America, Again!


Written by Oly Beer
04 Monday 04th October 2010
 America, land of the free, place of ample opportunity and, oh yeah, it's now been crowned by me, Oliver Beer, as the international sex pest. That's right, America, more than 60 years ago, intentionally infected just shy of 700 prisoners and the mentally ill with syphilis and gonorrhea, in Guatemala.
Professor Susan Reverby, from Wellesley College, discovered the incriminating evidence after it were archived away for decades. She said, “I was just completely blown away. I was floored.” You can almost imagine her desperate desire for a well earn'd cuppa. 
The experiment, which ran between 1946 and 1948, aimed to determine whether or not some STDs could be prevented by penicillin. Prostitutes were used to infect the patients or, if that failed they were shockingly inoculated with the diseases. 
The known consequences of syphilis are blindness, severe mental health problem and possibly death. All persons were treated for the diseases, post infection, but it’s unknown whether they regained their health.
Mrs. Clinton and health secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a joint statement, “We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologise to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices.”
Barack Obama, President and international renowned crime fighter, called up the Guatemalan President, Alvaro Colom, and apologized on behalf of his country. Obviously, that solves everything. Although progress is being made; in Washington, it’s thought that unlike G. W. Bush, Obama didn’t need help from his aides dialing an international number.
Imagine your average American contracting syphilis through a top secret Guatemalan experiment; there'd be lawsuit after lawsuit, after lawsuit, demanding justice for the ‘atrocities’ they suffered. There’d probably be some other tosh about it affecting their uncle’s-brother’s-sister’s-long-lost-relative and that they'd need appropriate compensation for deceased previous. Put the shoe on the other food and all the compensation the Guatemalan's get is a phone call, from Barack Obama.
America once again appears to be in the firing line from international news sources. No offer of compensation has been offered by the sue-culture-state. This has clearly been a violation of human rights. An investigation has been launched to determine what fully happened.

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  • Guest: ryw78
    Wed 06 - Oct - 2010, 11:14
    I´ve posted this one on my face book wall!
  • Guest: Banjo
    Tue 05 - Oct - 2010, 23:36
    Pure comedy
  • Guest: virginia_lemonnier
    Tue 05 - Oct - 2010, 11:40
    This country is the land of Illusions, Desillusions, Unfairness, and so on... To resume USA is hell on earth,nothing good is coming out of there....