New "Fun" Bank Opens In Holborn


Written by Onjuli Datta
30 Friday 30th July 2010


Exciting news in Holborn this week! For the first time in 100 years, there’s going to be a new bank on the UK high street. And Metro Bank is sure to change everything, forever.
Run by a rich white American male, Metro Bank is staking its claim as an alternative to the banks we are sick of. They’re turning the whole idea of banking on its head with innovative new features. It stays open until 8pm! You can get a credit card in 15 minutes! You can… take your dog in with you! It’s obviously everything that we’ve been missing in the UK in the past few years.
You might be worried that all of the flashing lights and colours will distract from, well, the banking, but fear not. Vernon Hill, dog-lover and co-founder of Metro Bank, brought his own pooch along to chat with the BBC. “There are no gimmicks at all,” he said. “It’s the most serious bank in Britain.” Well, of course. Nothing says serious like a girl on stilts waving streamers at customers by the door.
Hill has praised his firm as “the anti-bank bank model.”  Presumably he’s talking about the differences in accounts between Metro and its competitors. Metro offers an instant-access savings account with a return of just 0.5%, when the best-buy rate is 2.8%. There’s also a three-year fixed rate bond that pays 3%, creatively below the market leading rate of 4.3%. How refreshing.
Looking forward to joining the revolution and opening an account? It won’t be long until you can. Next month Metro will be opening another of their glitzy banks in Earl’s Court. Following that, there’ll be ten more branches in Greater London over the next two years. You can expect 200 of them cropping up inside the M25 by 2020.
Fast development, but maybe that’s necessary. Metro need to get in quick, before another bank comes along that wants to make actual changes to the system – instead of just adding to the superficial layers that cover it. Not that that’s likely to happen any time soon.

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