News Bulletin Bloopers


Written by Rebecca Griffith
19 Thursday 19th August 2010


Live television has always been a perilous place – any mistake made is immediately broadcast to millions of viewers – a fate that Tomasz Schafernaker knows all too well. This previously little-known weatherman is now the name on everyone’s lips due to the rather lewd finger gesture he made towards BBC news presenter, Simon McCoy after McCoy described Schafernaker’s weather forecast as “100% accurate”. The Polish weatherman then tried to cover up his mistake by unconvincingly pretending he was touching his mouth… It’s reminiscent of those adolescent years when a boy pretends to yawn so he can put his arms around an unsuspecting female.
What makes this event even better is that Schafernaker is a repeat offender, having previously referred to the Western Isles and the West Highlands as “nowheres ville” and saying “muddy shite” instead of “muddy site” on live weather broadcasts. Obviously everyone makes mistakes – even at the BBC which prides itself on its high-brow nature. Here is a selection of Don’t Panic’s favourite news bulletin bloopers:
Who could forget Congolese interviewee, Guy Goma’s accidental foray into the world of IT expertise on BBC News. After arriving at the BBC for a job interview, a mix-up backstage caused Goma to be confused with technology expert, Guy Kewney. He subsequently found himself sitting on the red sofa being asked questions about Apple Computer’s court case with the Beatles’ record label, Apple corps. Not wanting to cause a fuss, Goma played along with the interview and after his initial shocked expression, actually looked pretty believable. Twenty minutes after the live television interview, Goma had his real interview which lasted 10 minutes. As a result of this blunder, Goma found himself launched into the world of TV stardom, with appearances on Channel 4 news, GMTV and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to name a few – he even has his own celebrity publicist! Alas, even after his ordeal…he did not get the job.


Even the best of us sometimes have a bit of accidental dribble…whether this takes the form of spitting when you talk, drooling when you sleep or spraying food everywhere when you are eating a pork pie. It happens. Fortunately most of us don’t have to go through this embarrassing bodily malfunction live on air, no less on a news segment about Afghanistan, but this is what happened to poor BBC newsreader, Ben Brown. To be fair, Brown does cover himself exceedingly well by swiftly moving onto the next news story. What he is doing to produce so much dribble is another question entirely.
Freudian slips are pretty embarrassing, especially if they are directed as an insult to others. A very mysterious phenomenon, the Freudian Slip has been referred to as an insight into our innermost thoughts and desires. Watch this clip of an American newsreader talking about blind mountaineer, Erik Weihenmayer…too bad he’s not deaf eh?
Finally, we come to our final clip of an Australian newsroom worker being caught looking at photographs of Orlando Bloom’s model wife, Miranda Kerr whilst his colleague is being interviewed about Interest Rates. Poor guy, it was probably the only thing getting him through the day. The whole thing just seems pretty weird – you’d have to be a retard not to realise what is going on. The best part is when he nonchalantly talks to his colleague whilst STILL looking at the semi-nude photos and STILL live on air. There is a life lesson to be learnt here: soft porn and the workplace really do not mix.


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