Nicholas Gurewitch: The Perry Bible Fellowship


Written by Kieron Monks
10 Monday 10th January 2011


We spoke to him last year about his comic book days and found out why he's glad to leave the strip behind.

Perry Bible finished last year... are you missing it?

On the whole I'm sleeping better and feeling a lot healthier. It made me into a quite isolated workaholic. I would go two, three nights without sleep. Comic writing is a unique medium in that you're always on your own, which encourages bleak subject matter. You don't really need an editor and you're always in the basement diving into terrible areas. It's preferable to work with people.

What about your dedicated fan base?

I feel a real connection with people who take the time to get to know me or my work. But there are people who look too far into it. I occasionally get messages from people who are clearly unstable. One man asked me to draw him an eyeball.

A lot of your material is pretty risqué - are there any taboos you wouldn't break?

There's a section in the book featuring strips that are not appropriate. Overly sexual content often indicates that I haven't properly thought it through. The Guardian didn't want me to use paedophilia.

Are you more of an artist or a comedian?

Comedian really... my job is to purvey a product, namely humour. The audience will excuse bad artwork but they won't necessarily excuse a bad joke. I wish it had been more about the artwork.

What new projects have you got on the go?

I've done a pilot for channel 4 of a live action sketch show, but I don't know what will happen with that. I'm also writing graphic novels, largely in the same vein as Perry Bible, as well as working on some film ideas with friends. I also spend a lot of time painting these days which has become my real pleasure. I feel a need to explore different worlds simultaneously.


What excites your imagination?

Often when I've just finished reading, my brain keeps processing info after the book has closed. I've come up with multiple good ideas that way. It's like I'm forced to create something, a way of tricking my brain into activity.

For more info on Nick and his art, take a look at his website

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