No More Page 3 (Jokes, Boobs Are Still Everywhere)


20 Tuesday 20th January 2015

Although The Sun hasn’t officially come forward to say they’ve gotten rid, The Times – which has the same publisher, has said the paper has quietly decided to drop it, and we've seen no signs of any bare breasts in the latest editions.

Since the 70s, The Sun has been publishing uncensored, topless photos of women in their paper and it’s caused a little controversy.  

The gals behind ‘No More Page 3’ have been relentlessly campaigning against the whole thing, branding it disrespectful, objectifying and sexist - as well as labelling it ‘soft porn’ which is easily accessible to children. Founded in 2012 by Lucy-Anne Holmes, the group has gathered support from MPs and anti-sexism charities.

‘The fact that we hear "look at the tits on that" or "I’d do that" is disgusting, disrespectful and objectifying,’ they say on their website. ‘Page 3 of The Sun is the icon that perpetuates and normalises this horrible sexist banter’.

Glamour models were the first to defend the paper. Ex-Page 3 Nicola McLean told ITV’s Good Morning Britain, ‘If you meet any Page 3 girl who has gone on to pose for The Sun, we are all very strong-minded women that have made our own choice and feel very happy with what we are doing. We certainly don’t feel like we have been victimised.’

Model Rhian Sugden had this to say on Twitter - 

So everyone on the We Hate Page 3 team thought they’d won.

Some #NoMorePage3 celebrations on Twitter last night -

…Have they really won though? The Sun don’t publish topless pics in their newspaper anymore, granted, but now their page 3 is covered in female celebrities in their bikinis. Oh, and you can still see page 3 models in full bra-free glory on their website or on their own dedicated Page 3 Twitter.

Today’s Page 3 – at the bottom of the page it tells you to go online to see Page 3 model, Lucy.

I can understand that Page 3 is immersed in sexist ‘lad culture’ and it shouldn't be fuelled in our daily press. Women didn't fight for equality for our tits to be all over the national newspaper.

But if women want to model for Page 3 then does anybody really have the right to stop them? 

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