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Once - The Dating App That Comes With Your Own Matchmaker


Written by Don't Panic
26 Thursday 26th November 2015

A recent Vice documentary claimed that by 2050 70% of couples will have formed with the help of dating apps. This is a colossal figure, but it comes as no real surprise to us.

We've been working our way through the top dating apps and recently tested Once. Once uses 'matchmakers' to find you a perfect pairing. But who are these mystery cupids? And how exactly do they do it?

Well, they are mostly robots. Or 'algorithms' if we're using the proper terminology. The algorithms sift through information that you have provided before spitting out 20 top matches for the humans to take over.

One such human is Caroline, who's actual job is to be a full time cupid - fun!

Hey Caroline. This sounds like a fun job! What do you like most about being a matchmaker?

I've been known to play matchmakers among my friends so working full time as a matchmaker seemed like a natural progression for me and I jumped at the chance to do so. I like feeling like I am helping people who are looking for a serious relationship. It is amazing to think that my decision can have a real impact on the future of our users. Plus, how fun is it to play Cupid?

So, how does the matching process actually work?

The matchmaking process is quite simple : the intelligent algorithms preselect 20 profiles for one person depending on the preferences people selected on their profile, the location, age range, interests, Facebook likes, education level, occupation... This is why it's important that people put as much information as possible. 

The matchmakers can only see pictures, we don't have any informations about the profiles. Our job is to make the best match, our decision based on images only. It's all about gut feeling, we have to be very observant and pay attention to the smallest detail. 

What kind of details do you look at to find a good match?

We analyse all the elements in the picture. We are looking at the face of the person, the attitude of the person which allows us to understand the personality. We have to pay attention to details that includes the haircut, the outfit, the jewellery, piercings and tattoos if there are some. Then the background of the picture, if the person is doing sports, on holiday, with friends, with animals, partying, etc...

Download Once to see who the robots and the humans pick out for you.

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