Paper World


Written by Suzie McCracken
22 Sunday 22nd April 2012

Artist Horst Kiechle has created this beautiful and accurate paper torso with removable organs for the lucky ducks down at the Science Lab of the International School Nadi in Nadi, Fiji Islands. Built with 200gms/sqm white card and a scary amount of patience, this model is truly a monument to the beauty of paper even when it's in the shape of a colon. You can find more photos of Horst's genitally bereft masterpiece right here.

Fred Butler, the music video prop designer, stylist and all round cool gal, created an origami inspired catwalk for her A/W 2012 collection. Pastels inspired by a sushi plate made sure to evoke unicorns and bunny rabbits but Butler used paper to give her looks a architectural edge using one of the most basic mediums. Delicious.

Won Park is an origami master (who happens to live in an incredible garbage truck) whose chosen medium is the humble dollar bill. He's created some gorgeous pieces including the little camera you see up top, and a mind numbing scorpion. Our favourite, however, is the three dollar Millenium Falcon pictured above. Obviously. There's even an Enterprise too! Artistic nerds are hard to come by and Mr Park is definitely a favourite. I'm putting in a request for a Death Star and hoping he doesn't hate me too much.

For this year's Coachella festival the artists of the Crimson Collective created this incredible solar-powered Crane entitled Ascension. Ok, so it's not made of paper because I doubt that'd stand up to the conditions of a California desert, but it is inspired by the famous thousand origami cranes. Wikipedia reliably informs me that an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. One can only guess a couple of thousand people were folding paper birds wishing for a zombie Tupac as they entered Coachella this year, because no other explanation for that damn hologram makes any sense.

We've been getting a lot of our kicks from sneakers recently (you're welcome, pun fans), from spaced out trainers to the guys crazy enough to queue up for them. Let's face it though, most of us don't have the bank balance to get our hands on a pair of hyped shoes. However, Italian designer and god of paper art Filippo Perin has created these mini Yeezys as a homage to the Nike/Kanye collaboration. He's also a dab hand at creating the likeness of your favourite tumblr superstars, including photographic filth-monger Terry Richardson. I assume these are to be placed on your shelf to gaze down over your photobooth cam-whore session approvingly.

The death of print media has been argued about so much it makes us want to cry, but Nick Georgiu's sculptures made from his local Arizona papers breath a new life back into the debate. His paintings are wonderful as well, but I particularly enjoy how these sculptures look like biodegrable steampunk robots. Paperpunk robots, perhaps. Bringing a bit of humour and beauty to the streets of Tuscon, we salute you Nick Georgiu, and your very inky palms.

I always enjoy when the virtual world gets a little more tangible, so it's unsurprising I adore this double typographical hit from Canadian Chris Berthe. The typeface was originally intended for the 2d world, but with the help of an "x-acto knife and, of course, love" Berthe was able to render his Paper And Love font out of paper. We even featured him once before on our list of Fantastic Fonts. It's pretty gorgeous, right? So gorgeous in fact, I'm going to let him finish this article...

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