Park & Slide


Written by James Ratcliffe
11 Tuesday 11th March 2014

Supported by Space Hive, here is what they said:

'The slide will be on Park Street, a well-known main street which links Clifton with central Bristol. It’s steep incline and prominent location makes it perfect for the slide site. Park and Slide will be presented as part of Bristol City Council’s ‘Make Sundays Special’ programme, enabling people to see their city in a new light. For the event, Park Street will be closed to traffic and dominated by people not cars. The slide will be free for the public to use. 

Like many of Jerram's large-scale art projects, Park and Slide requires public participation to be activated and invites anyone to come and have a go. The person on the slide becomes the performer, while spectators either side watch on.


- Close Park Street in Bristol to car traffic on Sunday 4 May
- Build a giant 90m water slide from plastic sheeting and haybales
- Install safety barriers up Park Street for spectators
- Create a fair queuing system for people to have a go on the slide
- We will not charge the public on the day, to use the slide
- Allow people to slide down Park Street to experience their city in a completely new way!

Why it's a great idea:

Park and Slide will be a unique and memorable once in a lifetime experience and asks people to take a fresh look at the potential of their city and the possibilities for transformation. Imagine if there were permanent slides right across Bristol: linking Clifton with Hotwells; Cotham with Stokes Croft. This is our city, and maybe it's up to us to shape its future? 

How we'll get it done:

- Luke Jerram is developing the slide with advice from 'The Event Safety Shop' to ensure it is safe and fun
- The slide has already had a trial run at Ashton Court with support of Bristol City Council
- This campaign will fund both the slide and the final development work
- Project management and artist fee for Luke Jerram is being donated in-kind'

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Courtesy of Spacehive

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