Partying With Tatler And The Other Half


Written by Jack Blocker
11 Monday 11th May 2015

On Saturday, thousands took to the streets of London to protest the newly elected Conservative government. When you see so many people mobilising against our elected leaders, you do begin to wonder who actually voted for David Cameron and his pals. As it turns out, Nixon was right. There is a silent majority, and when we were daubing offensive graffiti on war memorials and being kettled, they were watching telly at home in their millions, safe in the knowledge that their taxes wouldn't be wasted on trivial things like public services and stopping immigrants drowning.

Of course there is also another swath of Conservatives, who are altogether louder and brasher: The 1%, the true elite, who rarely enter your radar even though they dress like Paddington bear and bray louder than a beaten mule. That is unless, like me, you regularly enjoy the online content delivered by Tatler's website! They just added another set of photos to their 'Bystander' section, and it's the first I've seen that looks like genuine parody. Let's take a look.

I usually try to restrain myself from lifting the work of a professional photographer, so I've opted for cack-handed screengrabs instead. This way, you can also see the aristocratic names in all their glory - including that of the photographer, who sounds like he owns acreage in Suffolk himself. I don't feel so bad now.

Lord knows what Dickie's hand is up to here.

Here's a lecherous German looking at the tits of a much younger woman.

And how about these three pals who are ostensibly unrelated, but probably share a significant amount of DNA. I can only imagine they're discussing off-shore accounts, or the best method of dispatching a horse.

It's not fancy dress.

Instant wife.

There must be some logic to it. If you call your child Aurora, you lessen the chance of her failing. Especially if you're a millionaire.

So there you go. If you ever feel like this government doesn't represent the average Briton, just check out the Tatler website.


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