Penchant for Strippers? Welcome Mr. President


Written by Rebecca Griffith
28 Wednesday 28th July 2010


Who would have ever thought that a man who once sang the wise and immortal words, “just 'cuz she dances go-go, it don't make her a ho, no” could potentially be put in charge of a country? If former Fugees member and Haitian native, Wyclef Jean decides to run for President then this could be precisely what happens. 
Like Arnie before him, Wyclef has decided to turn his back on a glittering career in showbiz for a life on the political stage. Now, you would have thought that Haiti has had its fair share of trauma, what with the earthquake that devastated the country earlier this year. However, Wyclef’s intentions do seem to be honourable, it seems he loves his country just as much as he loved that stripper. 
"Do I have political intentions? At this time, no," he said. "But what I do have is a movement — it's called Face a Face, 'Face to Face.' The youth population ... we are going to encourage them to vote."
The rumours started when Wyclef, who was selected by current President, Rene Preval as ambassador-at-large for the country in 2007, expressed an interest earlier this week in becoming involved in Haiti’s politics and rebuilding his ancestral home. However, Wyclef will definitely have his work cut out as 1.5 million people have been displaced by the quake and as the only LEDC in the western world; the country has not had a functioning economy for decades. 
So, do we think that the ‘perfect gentleman’ could become the perfect President? Well we’ll soon find out as Wyclef will have to register his application by the August 7 deadline. Let’s just hope that Wyclef’s 2007 track, If I was President from his Carnival Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant album does not serve as his epitaph: 
“If I was president, I'd get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday”.
Spooky right?


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