Written by Robert Foster
06 Wednesday 06th November 2013

I've been playing the Perigon app on my phone for a couple of months, it's a blast, but I didn't realise it was an IRL board game as well until the internet told me when I was trying to find solutions during a particularly difficult game. Now I'm taking advantage of my position as King Of The Internet (?) here at Don't Panic and posting about it in the hopes that the good people at Clarendon Games might send me a board. Straight from the horse's mouth:

Perigon is a two-player strategy board game which combines the complexity of Chess with the accessibility of Backgammon. The word ‘Perigon’ means a 360 degree angle. Set up the game’s unique board and you’ll see why it was chosen, as you quickly get drawn into an enthralling world of angles and edges requiring all-round foresight and tactical imagination.

Players use their pieces to wheel around and shunt past those of their opponent, gradually manoeuvring the Flag towards their opponent’s goal line. Luck plays no part – only the cunning and clever will plant the Flag on the far goal line and win.

Perigon fully incorporates all of the classic elements of strategy – concentration, decision-making, reinforcement and pattern recognition – while completely revolutionising them at the same time.

This is the kind of thing that'll unify warring factions of relatives this Christmas. Jus' sayin' (although perhaps - in the spirit of austerity - start off with the wooden board and work your way up to the marble extravagance you see above).

I'll let you know if this unashamed plug works in my favour. Us media wankers are always on the make, eh?

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