Point and shoot from the hipster


Written by Jeff Mackey
26 Tuesday 26th July 2011

Here is a list of 5 respectable, so called “hipster” cameras.

1. Yashica t4

The T4, arguably the ultimate hipster camera, was made famous by Terry Richardson and his risqué, borderline pornographic shots of hundreds (thousands?) of models over his career. Though difficult to find, the Japanese made T4 is a point and shoot gem that has no doubt earned its place in the photography hall of fame for its zeiss lens as well as a waist level viewfinder found on the T4 Super models. The T4 is quite rare and sought after, so if you can’t afford to buy one off the internet at ridiculously inflated prices I would recommend always keeping your eyes open for them at thrift stores, yard sales, attics and crawl spaces, there are still plenty of these bad boys out there and many of their owners are unaware of their value.


2. Olympus Stylus

This is a very dependable little camera, it takes great pictures and is much easier to find than the T4. It snaps a quick photo and is also known for its reliable lens. This is just a solid camera for debutants and experienced photogs a like. Also keep an eye out for the Olympus Stylus Epic, a slightly more sought after stylus, presumably due to its inherent superiority to the original.


3. Yashica electro 35

The Electro 35 was a favourite in the 1960’sand 70’s; despite being labelled a consumer camera it also has some excellent features for serious photographers. This Yashica manages to be both a serious rangefinder camera and affordable at the same time. However it should be noted that compatible batteries are no longer available for this model, you can however purchase an adapter for the camera that will allow you to use normal batteries. There are some serious advantages to rangefinders, including higher image quality, the camera itself being smaller, lighter, and a better focusing mechanism. There are disadvantages as well, such as the lack of effective zoom and the ever frustrating fact that the view finder is separate from the lens meaning what you think you took a photo of may not even be in the print if shot from a long distance.

4. The Holga

The Holga has quickly become the most popular camera for people looking to shoot film and get these vintage style photos. The Holga comes in the original 120mm and the new more accessible 35mm models. These Lomographic cameras are loved for their less than sharp prints and occasional light leaks, they are also much easier to find than any of the other cameras listed, many clothing stores now carry the Holga and Holga accessories brand new at a reasonable price. The biggest issue with the Holga is that it is so popular, if you are buying a camera strictly for the ability to take unique shots it can be a little disheartening to discover that so many other people have the exact same camera. If this is the case but you really like the look and feel of the Holga I would suggest getting a Diana, This is a much more old-school camera than the Holga but shoots and handles in a very similar way, keeping your originality and street cred intact.


5. Phone Applications

Cell phone cameras have not only changed modern photography but retro photography as well. Applications such as Hipstamatic, Picturehow, Swankolab and Instagram allow users to choose between retro cameras, films and the pictures are even “developed” specially to distort the image. These apps are a lot of fun and are certainly an easy way to catch the photography bug. That said these photographic apps, like the Holga, suffer a little bit from over exposure not just in a photographic sense but in a consumer sense as well. However these apps do deserve mention for their accessibility, price and downright impressive ease of use.

All photos (except Yashica electro 35 image) shot by Pierre Quinn,



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