Posh Cabinet


Written by Brian Welk
24 Monday 24th May 2010

Ever known a kid who’s been planning their wedding since nursery school? It sounds like a schoolgirl dream, but the marriage of the Tories and the Lib-Dems by Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg all started back on the playgrounds of their private schools at Eton and Westminster.

Two each of Cameron and Clegg’s colleagues in the new Cabinet are from their alumnus schools of Eton and Westminster, bringing the total of privately educated ministers in the Cabinet to 16.
That’s 55 percent of the entire body, up from roughly 41 percent in the New Labour Cabinet under Tony Blair, making it the poshest Cabinet in a generation of British politics.
The numbers don’t stop there. 20 of the 29 members of the current Cabinet are Oxbridge graduates (70 percent up from 17 percent from the Blair years), only four are women and none are openly gay, the first instance of this happening in 13 years.
It’s hard to say what this means for the new government, as the posh members are equally distributed amongst the 18 conservatives and the five Lib-Dems in the coalition government.
Hopefully, the Cabinet won’t just be a bunch of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s, an extremely posh Tory that just assumed office for the newly formed North East Somerset Parliamentary Constituency. Nothing against the guy or his politics, but there are moments in this BBC four piece where he looks awfully silly.
Jacob’s sister Annunziata didn’t win her seat, but it doesn’t look like she’s about to starve. 
Cameron himself was grilled on the Andrew Marr show regarding his net-worth, and one truly patriotic citizen graciously added some abridged subtitles to the interview. 

The Chancellor George Osborne also has about £8m of net-worth in the bank, earned for him by his family’s luxury wallpaper business.  
The list goes on. Although there are some exceptions, like Yorkshire born William Hague. However it is worth questioning whether the patricians, with so much money and privilege, can understand the concerns of us plebs. Maybe they can with the aid of focus groups made up of normals to see what we’re thinking. Karl Marx said, “The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.” At this moment the aristocrats and haute bourgeoisie are winning.


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