Posing DJs Are Hilarious


Written by Aisha Nozari
18 Thursday 18th July 2013

My favourite thing about DJs are how seriously they take themselves. They're like a fun little army of egotistical shitheads who think they're doing planet earth the biggest favour since that time Alex Fleming's sandwich went all mouldy. I mean since when did fist pumping behind a mixing deck make you badass? And no, I don't want to suck your dick because you did that Wu Tang/Fugazi mix. Plus they quite often have literally the worst haircuts of all time, I mean WTF is David Guetta playing at?

Anyway, seeing as I find DJs and their inherent love for themselves somewhat irritating, this tumblr made me pretty happy. It's called 'Posing DJs' and it's so refreshing to see world class DJ's just hanging out, free of all that pretentious shit like flaming vinyl and dodgy facial hair. Oh wait...

Wow, that's a really cool headphone jack doode!!!!

His ballz just dropped :)

My fucking all time fav thing ever

A rare and stunning glimpse into the darker side of DJ'ing

This is how Dj's wank

Will you finger me?

Just really weird

'Baaam' DJ Asari

DJ Dany C obvs went right back to the old school for this one

Daft Punk?

Ergh, just look at the belly on that. It's called thinspiration dickhead.

Hahahahaha! Oh man dj's are funny!

My dad.

This man is well selfish. Those things are expensive. Prick.

Check out the site here for Xtra lols.

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