Princess Diana's Facebook Revenge


11 Thursday 11th November 2010

 The Queen is like, totally up to date with technology and all that. She and the royals have a YouTube, Twitter, (@Britishmonarchy) and flickr account and now they’ve launched The British Monarchy Facebook page. Within 48 hours they had 200,000 likes and had ‘sooo bored, why is everyone at this OBE presentation so old!? But new misfits soon woo J’ as their status.

However, it wasn’t all fun and poking. Once again the British public felt it necessary to let everyone know just how much they don’t like poor old Camilla. They've written into newspapers but felt their outrage at having an ugly Princess wasn’t reaching enough people. Onto the web it is.
Administrators had to sweep the page, deleting the many messages of abuse from numerous royal subjects.
Ken Schilke wrote “Is this the maid dressing up for a Christmas staff party?” beneath a photo of the Duchess of Cornwall meeting a member of The Royal Air Force 100 Squadron. There was a comment from Nadia Cecconi Sosa complaining about the lack of photos of Diana: “Why she has album and Princess Diana doesn’t (sic)? Monarchy ought to be ASHAME for this!!!(sic).” Chris Freeactivist also compared her hat to a “floating turd”.  
I don’t think it should stop there. There’s a whole load of gems on the net that the Windsors are missing out on. Next stop should definitely be Chatroulette. You click for the next person and suddenly the ginger beacon that is Prince Harry pops up. Absolutely unlimited entertainment. Let’s just hope he doesn’t ask to see your tits.
The Queen could have a go too. She could go on Tumblr and pretend loads of people are interested in her self-indulgent wishes, or go on Formspring and get us to ask her if she would rather never have sex or food again (a valid philosophical question). 
In all seriousness the British Monarchy should be trying to become closer to the citizens of their country. It’s no secret that their popularity is diminishing and many think of them as no more than a novelty. A tourist attraction at best. It wouldn’t do any harm for them to become more accessible to us and show that they’re real people, not just puppets going through the motions. It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t use the internet to keep in touch with people, including household names they admire as well as their friends. It would be nice to hear their thoughts and opinions rather than those of their administrative team

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  • Guest: icosieri
    Sat 20 - Nov - 2010, 11:10
    If they are so so wanting her to be a QC as in Queen Camilla she could always take up a vocation in law and be a QC.We English have long memories!